Friday, October 7, 2011

Here are concepts on how to create a new world practice, to create a new world environment.

Firstly, it does not appear that people stop to calculate the outcome of causes and effects in their world. We hear now that the 'economy' is failing and we are seeing those effects in our lives. But what does that mean exactly? What is failing is daily practice. It has been failing the entire time and the truth of that has been masked by each instance being temporarily covered up. But that practice is flawed at its core and the outcomes of those faulty practices slowly begin to build up and spill over until it becomes too large to ignore and it is described again in some general fashion like a 'bad economy.'

The real problem is within our collective daily practice. It is unnatural. I will present to you a set of practices for you to compare and ask you to see the environments that arise under various sets of causes and effects.

The present system demands dependency upon people and forces the daily action of the people to be that of micro-pilgrims each day as they venture forth out of their homes in an attempt to earn their rights. This system is slow, intrusive, abusive and is in no way prepared but it demands that you take it seriously while it makes no attempt to take individuals seriously and its very rules allow for and creates circumstances for individuals that are inhumane.

A very low standard of what is considered our rights have been accepted here.

Please picture the environments created from different practices. This capitalist environment is ruled by businesses and people trying to get back and forth between their homes and these businesses. The system is spread out and unorganized while demanding full attention of all people in its use of the concept of work, where work has become a threat to us all.

The concepts that will alleviate all of us from this tumultuous path, when put together in a system I call Equalibrium. At it's core Equalibrium stands for new practices which ensure that the basic 3 are provided to all individuals at all times. The Basic 3 are:

1. Food and Water

2. Shelter

3. Medical and Dental Care

By providing the Basic Three people will become independant

Independence alone will stop the majority of abuse in the world, by allowing people the ability to move toward or away from any influential source at will.

In order to provide the Basic 3 to all individuals at all times certain elements of practice must be changed to produce new results.

At its core there are two key practice changes that must occur for the effect to take place within our environments. They are:

1. The Elimination of Rent

2. The Elimination of Debt

Consider a fully functioning system that produces all beneficial effects that we desire, while eliminating the forceful demand that is put on every single individual. In such an environment work would be a participatory activity to enjoy rather than a threat held over your life.

Once you eliminate the Capitalism produced rubbish of unnecessary functions being performed every day, we would be left with fewer collective responsibilities. (Mostly just farming once you really get there.) Which means fewer jobs needed to perform and share. In a system that is not demanding of individuals constantly by having eliminated their Rent and Debt, having fewer jobs available would be a goal rather than a fear. This would not mean that there would not be plenty of work to go around, there are still many mouths to feed and things to create, it would mean that no individual would have their life threatened or their shelter taken if work is not available for them at that moment.

Call the system whatever you want, but the important thing is the introduction of the practices themselves which include the elimination of rent and debt. By introducing these new rights into our practices a new environment and collective way of being would arise.

Below are some concepts on how these practices can be integrated. These system ideas are variable and can assist in whole or in part, but the key thing to remember is that it is not the variable systems but the key concepts themselves that are required in the systems: The elimination of Debt and Rent and the human race re-learning how to treat the human race with respect, dignity and by learning how to leave people alone while at the same time providing the environment where people are supported despite what they do or do not do.

Systems can still be used to regulate these new practices. For example: Instead of Rent an individual has an upgradeable room account. Everyone starts off with a level 1 room that would be maybe the size of a studio apartment. The individual starts off with access to any level 1 room that is available no matter where it is, and if it is open or if they are next in a que for the rooms use the individual may move at any time to any other room at their room level. This allows for freedom of choice and allows each individual to choose who they will be close to or far from at any moment in their lives.

The room account can be upgradeable by saving and purchasing the next room level, which would generally be successively larger or more exotic as one moves up the scale. Or the ability to purchase a second upgradeable room account, etc. No one can be moved down from their earned room levels and no one can be told to leave their room for any reason other than a serious crime committed. In this way no one goes homeless, and no one is ever evicted as no one is in debt of shelter at any time. No one really owns the land and no one needs to be paid just for you to occupy the space in which you exist. This practice would allow us to enjoy the concept of shelter rather than being owned by it.

Instead of a Debt based system an allowance system. Money is presently used as an 'I owe you' that is in perpetual motion between all people. In the system I describe as Equalibrium no one owes anyone anything as there is no deficiency being created in the environment from faulty practice and there is nothing to make up for. Each micro-unit of practice is one of solidarity and not dependent upon the other parts. A hybrid of local farming and a new fusion and integration of usable goods. Since no one is coming after the individual every day for debt or rent, communities of people can for the first time grow truly strong and be truly prepared for life.

Instead of a Debt based system a credit based system can be used. A credit based system is an allowance system and compensates people with credit that they can then give to others for the things that they enjoy. In this system the concept of money is replaced with more of a system of 'showing appreciation for a thing that you enjoy.' This appreciation can be used in the place of money to show that you enjoy a thing and would like to see more of that in the environment.

There is a lot more to it, and I might eventually repost the book I wrote years ago that detailed all of this and more, before I was discouraged. But the key concepts are simple and are there. They may come along with any sets of variables but will continue to come back to the requirement for certain key concepts to be allowed for and practiced. The elimination of RENT and DEBT and the Allowance for the space in which a Natural Relationship with Each Other and the Environment can exist and grow. The introduction of these concepts would bring a great relief to all of our people and to the environments of the world.

Recommended: Check out the documentary 'Future By Design' by Jacque Fresco