Friday, October 7, 2011

Here are concepts on how to create a new world practice, to create a new world environment.

Firstly, it does not appear that people stop to calculate the outcome of causes and effects in their world. We hear now that the 'economy' is failing and we are seeing those effects in our lives. But what does that mean exactly? What is failing is daily practice. It has been failing the entire time and the truth of that has been masked by each instance being temporarily covered up. But that practice is flawed at its core and the outcomes of those faulty practices slowly begin to build up and spill over until it becomes too large to ignore and it is described again in some general fashion like a 'bad economy.'

The real problem is within our collective daily practice. It is unnatural. I will present to you a set of practices for you to compare and ask you to see the environments that arise under various sets of causes and effects.

The present system demands dependency upon people and forces the daily action of the people to be that of micro-pilgrims each day as they venture forth out of their homes in an attempt to earn their rights. This system is slow, intrusive, abusive and is in no way prepared but it demands that you take it seriously while it makes no attempt to take individuals seriously and its very rules allow for and creates circumstances for individuals that are inhumane.

A very low standard of what is considered our rights have been accepted here.

Please picture the environments created from different practices. This capitalist environment is ruled by businesses and people trying to get back and forth between their homes and these businesses. The system is spread out and unorganized while demanding full attention of all people in its use of the concept of work, where work has become a threat to us all.

The concepts that will alleviate all of us from this tumultuous path, when put together in a system I call Equalibrium. At it's core Equalibrium stands for new practices which ensure that the basic 3 are provided to all individuals at all times. The Basic 3 are:

1. Food and Water

2. Shelter

3. Medical and Dental Care

By providing the Basic Three people will become independant

Independence alone will stop the majority of abuse in the world, by allowing people the ability to move toward or away from any influential source at will.

In order to provide the Basic 3 to all individuals at all times certain elements of practice must be changed to produce new results.

At its core there are two key practice changes that must occur for the effect to take place within our environments. They are:

1. The Elimination of Rent

2. The Elimination of Debt

Consider a fully functioning system that produces all beneficial effects that we desire, while eliminating the forceful demand that is put on every single individual. In such an environment work would be a participatory activity to enjoy rather than a threat held over your life.

Once you eliminate the Capitalism produced rubbish of unnecessary functions being performed every day, we would be left with fewer collective responsibilities. (Mostly just farming once you really get there.) Which means fewer jobs needed to perform and share. In a system that is not demanding of individuals constantly by having eliminated their Rent and Debt, having fewer jobs available would be a goal rather than a fear. This would not mean that there would not be plenty of work to go around, there are still many mouths to feed and things to create, it would mean that no individual would have their life threatened or their shelter taken if work is not available for them at that moment.

Call the system whatever you want, but the important thing is the introduction of the practices themselves which include the elimination of rent and debt. By introducing these new rights into our practices a new environment and collective way of being would arise.

Below are some concepts on how these practices can be integrated. These system ideas are variable and can assist in whole or in part, but the key thing to remember is that it is not the variable systems but the key concepts themselves that are required in the systems: The elimination of Debt and Rent and the human race re-learning how to treat the human race with respect, dignity and by learning how to leave people alone while at the same time providing the environment where people are supported despite what they do or do not do.

Systems can still be used to regulate these new practices. For example: Instead of Rent an individual has an upgradeable room account. Everyone starts off with a level 1 room that would be maybe the size of a studio apartment. The individual starts off with access to any level 1 room that is available no matter where it is, and if it is open or if they are next in a que for the rooms use the individual may move at any time to any other room at their room level. This allows for freedom of choice and allows each individual to choose who they will be close to or far from at any moment in their lives.

The room account can be upgradeable by saving and purchasing the next room level, which would generally be successively larger or more exotic as one moves up the scale. Or the ability to purchase a second upgradeable room account, etc. No one can be moved down from their earned room levels and no one can be told to leave their room for any reason other than a serious crime committed. In this way no one goes homeless, and no one is ever evicted as no one is in debt of shelter at any time. No one really owns the land and no one needs to be paid just for you to occupy the space in which you exist. This practice would allow us to enjoy the concept of shelter rather than being owned by it.

Instead of a Debt based system an allowance system. Money is presently used as an 'I owe you' that is in perpetual motion between all people. In the system I describe as Equalibrium no one owes anyone anything as there is no deficiency being created in the environment from faulty practice and there is nothing to make up for. Each micro-unit of practice is one of solidarity and not dependent upon the other parts. A hybrid of local farming and a new fusion and integration of usable goods. Since no one is coming after the individual every day for debt or rent, communities of people can for the first time grow truly strong and be truly prepared for life.

Instead of a Debt based system a credit based system can be used. A credit based system is an allowance system and compensates people with credit that they can then give to others for the things that they enjoy. In this system the concept of money is replaced with more of a system of 'showing appreciation for a thing that you enjoy.' This appreciation can be used in the place of money to show that you enjoy a thing and would like to see more of that in the environment.

There is a lot more to it, and I might eventually repost the book I wrote years ago that detailed all of this and more, before I was discouraged. But the key concepts are simple and are there. They may come along with any sets of variables but will continue to come back to the requirement for certain key concepts to be allowed for and practiced. The elimination of RENT and DEBT and the Allowance for the space in which a Natural Relationship with Each Other and the Environment can exist and grow. The introduction of these concepts would bring a great relief to all of our people and to the environments of the world.

Recommended: Check out the documentary 'Future By Design' by Jacque Fresco



  1. hello reaillusion, absolutely agree with need for radical re-think on how societies 'work' would love to discuss further.

  2. I would be happy to discuss this with you further. Please feel free to continue the discussion here or you can reach me at

    I have been conceptualizing alternative practices for a long time now and to me it has become a matter of comparing separate world versions brought about by different world practice.
    Essentially what we live in now is a competition based practice, whereas what we require is a cooperation based practice.

    At this point it is no longer a matter of theory to me but a fully functioning system. By this stage I can see its parts in detail.

    I have been with these perceptions for so long now that it is no longer a question of what or how. I know what to do and how to do it. I know the goal, the reasons for that goal, and how to achieve it.

    I can assist you with concepts that can bring you from here to there. I can see these fully functioning sets of practices in play and the world that comes along with them. At this stage my question would be, 'What do you want to know?'

    I may not have each exact answer as the road to those variables is a collective process of conceptual growth requiring multiple insights and perspectives. However I will have for you the foundation of core concepts and the reasons behind them.

    Again, I have been involved in this for so long now that I feel that I am at the point where I am no longer asking questions. I have answers. I am now waiting for the world.

    If you would like to ask me my opinion on how any practice would work in a new system please feel free to do so and I will reply.

    I am at the stage where I can see it. I know it. I understand it. I understand what, why and how. My question to you is, 'What don't you know?'
    Let me know and I will try to help you to conceptualize and to see the world that I have seen.

  3. I wrote a book detailing many concepts in many areas of practice. I posted it on a website but at one point I was nearly swept away by the rules of capitalism and I had to take the site down. Now the book is in disarray and I have not found the time to piece it back together. But I am familiar with the material. In the meantime I'll post some random topics and conversations I had elsewhere unless you have specific topics you would like to discuss.
    This and the next post are part of a conversation brought about by a discussion on banks.

    Capitalism can be defined as a competition based system, whereas I am trying to help people to conceptualize a cooperation based system.
    Capitalism requires Consumers to continue to do as they have in their hustle and bustle to compete as quickly as possible to claim and sell the worlds natural resources.
    The system that I propose is a cooperation based system where the people are not Consumers but Conservers. The daily practice here is different and does not require a race to produce or suffer the consequences.

    Instead it is a means to which people can develop and have a natural relationship with the world. Presently Capitalism has Consumers racing to Compete with each other each day to continue to use up, make and sell as much as possible every single day without pause or respect for the environments producing those natural resources. If that rampant pace were to slow the profits of businesses would fail and thus people would begin to subsequently lose their jobs and then their homes under the rules of present systems.

    In the system that I propose which I call Equalibrium, Conservers are Cooperating to maintain a balance with the ecosystem more than they are in need of focusing on the financial economy. The economy is self-sustaining once you have a natural relationship with the ecosystem.

    Presently there is an unseen void within the wealth of the 'wealthy' that makes them in reality not wealthy at all. It is in your perception of what wealth is and where it comes from. I would consider myself wealthy if I were left alone in my home without a care other than helping my community to raise its crops and being with my family. I would consider myself to be not wealthy if I lived in a huge mansion and made a lot of money but had all of my time owned by the stress of worrying about my job and wondering what my money is doing and if I will be able to afford to continue like that every day.

    Then try to see the wealth of a community. A community is not wealthy if its individual parts are left in a state of need after the collective efforts of that day. A community is wealthy if there is not a single member of that community who is being denied basic rights as it is recognized that there is enough to go around without taking from anyone else when proper daily practices are followed.

    The relationship we are forced to have with money is unnatural and the essence of it itself is not necessary. It is an energy exchange based upon rules that come from ideas of our relationship to each other and the resources available in the world and what should be done with them and how. Money owns us in that system. In a different system our relationship to each other and the environment can be natural and since there is no RENT or DEBT in the system that I propose there is a different definition of money. Money here is like an allowance spent on things you want but rarely on things you need. The basics of the things you need are mostly free and are provided to you in thanks for your existence and in appreciation for your role as stewards of the land. Your food is offered to you daily from the land. Your shelter can be erected in a day. If you are doing something other than enjoying what is being given to you every day than you have confused a very simple thing. And it has been confused in the name of greed and laziness. Greed and laziness are where money, rent and debt came from in the first place.

  4. With the individual unit of practice focused on a natural relationship we will all experience true wealth as we become a people who stand on a solid foundation.

    As far as banks go, a bank is not required for someone to give credit to another for a thing that they enjoy. Nor is a bank required for one to have a natural relationship with the land. In fact the only thing that is required is for people to learn how to leave other people alone. To set up a system where no one is coming after any one else for any reason ever. The only way you are going to do that is by recognizing the rules you have made up and to change them. To allow individual units of people to practice natural relationships with their resources and the land. Once each unit is operating in solidarity with their environment there is no longer any debt as everyone is fed, clothed and housed. At that point it is a matter of learning how to use your new wealth of TIME.

    To answer What, how and why: What is a new system that eliminates the practices of RENT and DEBT. How is a matter of changing the rules that have been made up by integrating new rights to each individual that cannot be denied under any circumstance, such as the right to food and water, shelter and health care. If a system cannot provide those things to each individual despite what the individual does or does not do than the system itself needs to be changed to include those things as the basic rights of every individual. And 'Why' you may want to do this is incalculable. From stopping worldwide progressive calamity to alleviating the stress of a single interaction with your loved ones over something you cannot immediately change but would if you could like needing more money. Imagine if the foundation for that entire unnatural interaction were to just disappear. So to would go the argument.
    Can you imagine the day we wake up in the morning and on that day we find that the rules have changed. Can you imagine going outside to all of the homeless people and saying, "You can come inside now. We have recognized what we were doing. Sorry about that."

    When the rules of the system are that your rights as a citizen include always having food and water, shelter and health care wherever you are no matter what you do or don't do then everyone will be truly wealthy as they will have that which is of most value, their TIME.


    Above is a link to discussions I had on this topic with people from the Occupy Wall Street movement.

    As you can see most people are generally hostile and aggressive even before they fully comprehend what you are talking about. In fact I'm pretty sure no one who spoke to me there, or ever in fact, fully grasps what I am saying. For one I keep having to re-present it in continually unorganized fashion. I once had it organized but the collision with your system disorganized me. And for two I have not had the time nor the foundation upon which to express this expansive and multi-faceted series of concepts.

    You hardly have versions of a progressive think tank to orchestrate a collection, evaluation and continuation of ideas among you. You have chat forums but I would be referring to more of an official cooperative and guided think tank that taps into the vast resource of human imagination and creativity.

    So essentially I find everything that I am saying and conceptualizing to be falling on deaf ears. It is as though my mind geared itself and honed in on these concepts in such a way to the point where it became like a machine that just started offering insights into this conceptualization. I now see it is time to shut that engine down.

    There is no need to go further considering the effort I've made in sharing these things and seeing how people react. I give credit to the few people who are open minded enough to rationally discuss these things, but most of the time I am met with a 'general hostility.' People almost always never understand even one fraction of a single concept that goes along with a functioning aspect of the system I've proposed yet they will attack it with fiery damnation. I've realized that it is not what I am saying that they are attacking, rather they are following a pre-established format of response that they have learned and have had ingrained within themselves. They are literally 'lashing out into the darkness'. They don't know what it is that caused their stress but by holy hell are they going to let someone sit there and criticize the way they do things around here. Even though the way they do things around here is what caused their stress. Now they lash out at even those things which are attempting to find solutions for and alleviate their stress.

    What I am talking about is the deficiency found in the environment caused by faulty survival practices. Your leaders, through Capitalism, are forcing people to focus on things that aren't real, but are inventions of capitalism made up to produce money. What is then traded among the people is the lack that none of that faulty practice can make up for.

    Everyone has their own ideas on what should be done. But there is no place for collective conceptual growth so that we can deduce upon that which is most logical. And that essentially is my motivation behind this: to find the most logical course of action. It is not about standing behind any one thing by default, rather it is about continuing to find that which makes the most sense now.

    Over a great deal of study into causes and effects I can deduce upon a very simple understanding of a very vast series of concepts. They are the elimination of Rent and Debt. Everyone may have their own idea of what to do, but the concepts I am presenting and incorporating into a system I believe to be based upon the only true law of civility. No one should ever 'Take' from any other without permission. The system I propose is literally a way for governments to be able to orchestrate global survival practice while also abiding by that one universal law.

    Presently they are enforcing its opposite.

  6. No one should ever 'Take' from another without their permission. Then develop a system where you can conduct sharing of resources where any consequence does not result in a government agency feeling they have a reason to ever Take of an individual. It is not necessary. It is not necessary to take people from their homes nor affect their lives for the concept of debt. These are conditions resultant from a debt based system. Equalibrium is an allowance based system where the rules simply don't allow a person to get into that type of trouble. That trouble does not exist.

    And for all the immediate comebacks; no this is not a call for anarchy, it is a very sound and natural survival practice that is a step forward in civility. No this is not a call to step back into basic survival where everyone is forced to live off the land and trade goods and services on a personal level; rather it is an upgrade of survival strategy which incorporates advancements. No this is not an attempt at saying everything is free, rather it is a way for you to take care of your global family properly, mostly by not taking anything from them while teaching them how to properly produce that which they need to survive in a communal setting.

    I have a great amount of detail in conceptual applications available. However it doesn't seem that the medium is very supportive. Nor progressive.

    As a closing point I'll briefly describe this system, again I understand that I have not provided a linear description of this conceptual system here. I have done so elsewhere and tried in vain to share that with people I thought would be supportive but I don't think they heard a word I said. And so this puzzle piece is all that is left now. To get a little bigger picture of the puzzle I would encourage you to read my discussions with the Occupy Wall Streeters at the link at the beginning of this post.

    Equalibrium is a cooperation based system that ensures the well being of every individual by incorporating into its rules practices that do not allow anyone, including governments, to take from any other for any reason.

    Those in positions of orchestration or that competent thing in place of where your governments now sit could then be clear on its role as a guide in helping people to achieve the tasks required for daily survival practice.

    The goals of that system are clearly to provide at least the minimum of the basic 3 essentials to all people at all times no matter what they do or do not do.

    Those are:
    1. Food and Water
    2. Shelter
    3. Health Care

    In creating a system that does not take from others a foundational requirement within that system would be:
    1. The elimination of Rent
    2. The elimination of Debt

    By creating an allowance based system in place of a debt based system no one will have reason to justify needing to go after any other for any reason.
    Instead people in this environment would be supported in growing together in solidarity with a firm and stable 'ground' to stand on at all times.

    The entire aura of that other place is so completely different. The baseline interaction shared by the people there has shifted and changed to a positive process of growth in an environment of abundance.

    That world is yours to have if you were to create it. Nothing is in your way other than for you to claim it by incorporating new rules into your shared practices that ensure the well being, support and protection of all, now and for future generations.

  7. I made a rather interesting discovery since the last post and from here out will be directing anyone and everyone to that as the work I was trying to do is essentially complete within their work.
    It is: and

    I think it's amazing how aligned my perceptions are with this and yet I did not discover it until just recently. About 1 year ago I first heard of Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project in a documentary on Netflix called Future by Design. I found this to be amazing as it was going where I had gone theoretically. And then just a few months ago someone showed me the podcast of Joe Rogan interviewing Peter Joseph and that's how I was led to then see the Zeitgeist movies.

    They call the Zeitgeist movement and Mr. Frescos' work the body of the human races' autoimmune response kicking in and warding off the systemic disease running rampant throughout it in the use of systems like Capitalism. I feel that I too was another of those 'white blood cells' continuously finding ways to operate and maintain in ways that were the cure to that virulent behavior.

    I find it amazing that without any outside influence or guidance telling me which way to go other than the 'Insight' I used to conclude upon a system that I called Equalibrium which was essentially a Resource Based Economy at its core; and how I also came to the natural conclusions of centrally planned intelligently designed living and manufacturing environments and systems with new clean technologies, leads me to believe these things are right as this is what I had concluded upon before anyone telling me the concepts involved.

    It's amazing that I could be that much into it so to speak and to not of even known that others with similar mindsets were even out there let alone to see just how far along they have come. They ARE speaking the language which needs to be spoken to see that change occur. They are on the path that is required if this species is to survive and I have finally had a sigh of relief as for the first time I feel that I am not alone. I am not alone and the work is done. This is like everything I was trying to formulate and hypothesis and share is already complete years prior to me ever even trying to think of it. This is hilarious to me after all I put myself through and such a relief to see such intelligence behind such an important endeavor.

    Those are your true leaders. Those people pushing those conceptual boundaries outward. Now if only you had listened to them; and it makes me that much more disappointed in the rest of you now to see that you had those kinds of influences here among you all along and you did not listen. And look at the greed motivated corrupt people you did empower and listen to and where it has left us.

    The real influential sources to empower are found at and
    From here out I will simply direct everyone I speak to concerning these issues to those sites and to those teachers. That is the most important work we can achieve in our time. The establishment of a Resource Based Economy will solve the majority of all world and individual problems. It will empower the individual so they can choose to take care of their selves and it will bring balance to the relationship between the human race and the natural world.

    I will never vote for one of your useless presidential candidates. The only time I would ever vote is if the representative stated that they were there to represent whatever steps need to be taken from that point for the implementation of The Venus Project and the transition to a Resource Based Economy. Then I will vote.